Thursday, November 1, 2012

The background

Way back in 2006, I played along with the original Compound Word Project - it was started by Shari, who has given her blessing for another round of the Compound Word Project to take place. Yay - we're open to play again.

The idea is a simple one. A group of photographers have been issued with a word to illustrate. Those photographs have been paired up into diptychs, which illustrate a compound word. Your challenge is to guess the word!

Simple? Well, the idea is. Any idea what compound word this diptych represents? Don't guess in the comments section - no spoilers allowed!

Like it? Want to play some more? Game on... we begin on Monday 12th November. Are you going to play?


  1. That looks fun! I've guessed (I think....) but won't spoil!

  2. Brilliant idea - I'll be back on Monday! Thanks for doing this - we all need something fun to distract us on these dark wintry days.

  3. Oh and I think I've just worked it out - duh!!

  4. Big Lad and I would like to play together!

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  6. I sent the link to my sister and posted it on my blog . . . just too much fun! Thanks for going to all the trouble so we can have this fun!


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