Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Round two - the answers

Time for the head scratching to end - here are the answers for round two.

Lots of people told me they found this round trickier than the last. I think, perhaps the photographers were a touch more oblique than the last round and there were a couple of diptychs which were clearly harder to solve than others.

Number 1

Beachcomb (I allowed beachcombing and beachcomber too).

A fairly straightforward one, which almost everybody got right - wavy hair, though not a compound word, was an entertaining alternative solution.

Number 2


I disallowed waterweed (which may have been a bit harsh) and wintergreen and rivercrossing were other incorrect guesses.

Number 3


Bit more variation in the answers for this one - alternative guesses included smokestack, firefly (good one!), meltdown, blueprint and waxwing.

Number 4


I loved this one - inspired industrial chic pictures! And most of the answers were correct.

Number 5


Almost everyone got this, apart from a couple of folks who guessed pepperpot, which is logical.

Number 6


This one caused quite a few problems. Lots of people plumped for letterbox and there was also a letterhead and cheeseboard.

Number 7


Wrong guesses included handrail (very good), inside out and tugboat.

Number 8


Everyone got this one!

Number 9


Almost all correct, with other inspired answers including spotcheck and metalwork.

Number 10


Oh this one caused SO many problems. Yup - it was a toughie. Wrong guesses - bright spark, pinup, pinwheel, headbanger (like that one), needlework, pinpoint and felt work.

So yes, perhaps a little tougher, but still one very clever person managed to get them all correct - Meg (who doesn't yet have a blog). Many congratulations! She clearly has an aptitude for these, because she was a winner in the last round too. Look out for a teeny treat in your post sometime soon, Meg.

And thank you again to all the photographers and to everyone who played along - hope you enjoyed yourselves.