Thursday, November 15, 2012

Number Nine

Almost at the finish line now.

Photos by Megan and Amanda

Do you want my top tip for solving the diptychs you are struggling with? Deal with one picture. Get yourself into the mind of a photographer who has been asked to illustrate a word. Once you have a few ideas of the single word one photo might illustrate, think of any compound words which use that word and see if one ties in with the second image.

Tomorrow, I'll publish the final diptych of Round One and let you know how to enter the competition! Hope you have your answers ready to go.


  1. Aagh! This is hard. I think I may have it though.

  2. Oops lost my comment... I think I've got this as well, but number 2 is still driving me insane. I'm having fun though, in a painful way. And I must admit that I've had to enlist a lot of help. In fact the only one I've managed on my own is number 7 and I am not at all sure that I've got it right. I'm looking forward to the answers.

  3. Hurrah! finally, I have worked out number 2, now to think a little harder about 7 and 9 ... or maybe just go to bed.

  4. I think I have this one. I think I have them all now, or at least I have a word for each one that could fit - I doubt I'll be correct on all 10 counts but it's fun having a go!


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