Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Number Four

Roping in children and husbands appears to be one of the keys to success with this game! If you are joining the party and need to know how to play, the instructions are here. The more, the merrier.

So, on with the next one...

Photos by Sue and Simone

The juxtaposition of these photos does stir up for me obscure images of farm animals in full make-up - perhaps I'm just odd. Or it is the subconscious efforts of my brain trying to make logical links between the two. Anyway, as you were...


  1. No 2 has me completely stumped, but I think I've got all the others!
    R x

  2. He He!!! I got this one straight away. It helps that I know the word to the second photo!

    1. Knowing the first one helps too Simone -as my kids would say 'high five!'.

  3. And suddenly, it dawned on me. So loudly that my daughter asked me what was the matter!

  4. No, just can't get it. Ha! I am so stupid after all.

  5. Think I've got this one... number two has still got the better of me though.

  6. Isn't it funny how some are so easy for some, and hard for others. Got it without help. Well. I think I have...


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