Friday, November 16, 2012

Round One Completed

Okay, so it might have overheated your brain, caused you to pull your hair our, or suffer intolerable smugness from your spouse and offspring, but you've done it!

You should have a lovely list of ten compound words and now you are itching to see if they are correct, I'm sure! Here's what to do.

  • Drop me an email at

  • Please make the subject line CWP - Round 1 answers

  • Include a list of ONE answer only for each diptych - no hedging your bets now!

I will let you know by return email how many you got correct.

On Monday evening, I will make all the answers available on the blog. At that point you can have a free for all in the comments section and vent about the ones you just couldn't guess!! 

And I am sitting here, crossing my fingers that at least one bright spark has got all ten correct and earned themselves a little prize - I will, of course, let you know who.

Good luck Compound Wordsters, and thanks for making my week an awful lot of fun! Fancy a Round 2 at some point?


  1. If only I could come up with an answer for no. 9... any answer... (can you hear my brain humming?)
    This has been fun Ali. Thank you!

  2. Well, here goes. I've just taken a blind stab at a couple.
    Thanks, it's been fun

  3. Yes please to round two!
    Except I haven't quite finished round one yet....

  4. I can't wait to find out the answers!

  5. Wonderful fun and I'm glad to say my smugness has not been unjustified.

  6. How embarrassing if I haven't got any right, though of course my answers might be entirely "correct" but just not the right ones because my logic is different.

    1. You are absolutely right - all the wrong answers have been logical so far, just a different pattern of logic!

  7. I'd join in with a round 2 and I'd be willing to take a photo for me if you give me a word.

    I have an answer for each item but whether they're correct or not we will see! I will put them in an email and send it later :)

  8. I loved doing this, thanks so much for organising it. Though I think my answers are probably completely wrong...

    Nikki P

  9. Well, there's three that I absolutely haven't got a clue about!

  10. This has been such fun Ali, even if it's taxed my brain somewhat to come up with ten possible answers! I do hope there's going to be round 2?! E x

  11. Some of my answers are just nonsense, perhaps I should get my three year old to come up with the answers instead!

  12. Well, I know I have no chance of getting them all right but it's been great fun trying! Can't wait to find out the answers. I'm definitely up for a second round - thanks for organising this, Ali :o)


  13. A lot of fun, but I still feel rather stupid! Hope you do go on to a round 2.

  14. Well 7 still has me stumped, but I'm thinking about it for a bit longer before I email my words, otherwise, as others have said, I have logical answers that aren't necessarily the right answers, which I think is part of the fun :)

  15. I really enjoyed round one and am amazed to find an email from Ali saying I got them all correct! I will look forward to a round 2 at some point.

  16. Submitted entries rather late and I just cannot for the life of me guess number 7.
    Have enjoyed it immensely :)

  17. Right. I have ten answers. They are not necessarily the right ones but this was a blast of welcome fun. Thanks SO much Ali


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