Monday, November 19, 2012

Round one - the answers

So, the post you've been waiting for - it's Monday evening and here are the answers:

Number 1

I think everybody got this one correct. Just a starter to ease you into the game.

Number 2

This one caused a few more problems. Incorrect, but plausible answers included polycotton (which I thought was very inspired).

Number 3

Now I apologise for this one. Tea-leaf is hyphenated sometimes and sometimes two words and therefore not strictly a compound word. Mea culpa. But most people did get it right.
A few guesses of spotless for this one, which I totally see the logic behind.

Number 4

Almost all guessed correctly.

Number 5


Caused a few problems. Hey, they couldn't ALL be straightforward!

Number 6

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Number 7

I worried about this one. Rightly, it seems. Plenty of correct answers, but also lots for coffeebean, with a few other random guesses thrown in.

Number 8

Didn't think this would cause as many problems as it did. We had plum duff, fruitcake, fivefold (inspired guess) and plumline.

Number 9

A tough one. Baywatch, stopwatch, snacktime, sundial, playtime, snacktime, daytime. All plausible, but not what we were after.

Number 10

So obvious once you got it. But we also had dipstick, ubend, panstick and heartbroken (which took me a while to see, but oh, yeah).

Six clever people got all 10 correct with their original guesses - Sue, Amanda, Libby, Meg, Louise and Val. Bravo all of you! Look out for an email from me soon.

And to everybody, thanks so much for playing along. It was really good fun from my end and I hope it was for you too. Somebody suggested a festive theme for round 2, which might be fun - what do you think?

Also, thanks to those brave souls who have volunteered as photographers for the next round - if you feel you'd be able to photograph one of the words next time out, please do drop me an email.


  1. Well done to all taking part, had loads of fun although I just didn't get blackberry!
    Can't wait for festive themed round two :)

  2. All so obvious once you see the answers!

  3. Aaaah! Well, I groaned out loud. I had both words for No 2 at separate times, but never put them together! And my partner got No 4 but I went ahead with my own (wrong) guess! Really enjoyed this - thanks so much for doing it, and will look forward to a festive one.

  4. Pothole? Chopstick? Blackberry? Pah! I obviously don't have the right kind of brain for this competition, I got only two correct...

  5. Wow! So many people got all 10 answers!!! I still don't get blackberry! A festive theme for round 2 is a great idea. I look forward to playing along.

  6. Oh wow, such clever wrong answers! Polycotton particularly impressive, and plumline, fivefold and sundial. I feel a bit unimaginative for getting them all right now. Next time I will try much harder to be less obvious with my photo.

    Bring on a festive edition Ali!

  7. Brilliant! Well done the winners and thank you Ali for organising this. SO annoyed with myself though, we had tea-leaf at my youngest's suggestion, and at the last minute I panicked about the hyphen and started wondering what the mug contained... coffee, hot chocolate, thin air (a kind of madness takes over doesn't it?) and so I became obsessed with the spots... Looking forward to the next one, if there is a next one.

    Simone - the berry part of blackberry is the strange pink thing in the second photo, which is the berry/fruit/seed pod on a Spindleberry tree, a type of Euonymous

    1. Well I never, I could have sworn it was a fuscia bud, especially with the flower(?) in the background that looks like it has bloomed. You learn something new everyday. Am off to find out about spindleberry trees

  8. Well done to the 6 clever ladies!!! I did enjoy it, even though I got 2 wrong, which are so obvious now!!! :)
    Festive does sound good for the next round, happy to help with a photo if you wish!
    Vivienne x

  9. So enjoyed taking part in this Ali! What fun! Very happy to contribute a photo for the next round if you'd like. Well done Sue, Amanda, Libby, Meg, Louise and Val! E x

  10. Of course, how obvious they all are now! Look forward to the next round!

  11. I really enjoyed playing along though I must admit it has consumed rather more of my thought processes over the last week than is perhaps healthy ... Bring on the festive round! Thanks Ali!

  12. I've really enjoyed playing this too, and looking forward to a festive round 2! I will have to try to be more imaginative with my photography, though!

  13. Eek! I forgot to email!! I got 9/10 ... 7 had me completely stumped. Can't wait for round 2 :)

  14. Congrats to those who got all 10, and thanks to you Ali for organising this :D

  15. Well done to those that got them all right! I was completely stumped by 4 of them (dishcloth? All I could see was the fruit!) Great fun though!
    R x

  16. I loved playing this although I'm not very good at it. I was feeling a bit depressed about my poor 4/10 score, but feel a bit better now I know people think polycotton was a good guess - even if totally wrong!

    A festive round 2 sounds fab!


  17. ooh that was such fun, and I was achingly close with 9/10....

  18. Oh that was fun. Many thanks to you. I am getting the hang of it now. Am eagerly waiting for the next one.

  19. Thank you so much for organising this. I will need to give it greater consideration next time round. It was all a bit of a last minute rush to meet the deadline.

  20. Thanks Ali, that was fun. A festive theme for the next round sounds good. Next time I'm going to rope in the rest of the family to help as my brain works one way only and if I can't see the answer straight away then I'm doomed.

  21. I think I was let down by botanical knowledge. Although I still think Confucius was an inspired guess!

  22. This was so much fun, but I had a total mind blank of a few of them. I'm kicking myself over number 5. My original thought was neckline, but then I talked myself out of it.
    A festive theme for Round 2 sounds like good fun to me, and I'm more than happy to help out with a photo.
    Thank you for organising this.
    Jill x

  23. Ow, ow, ow - can't wait for round 2 :-)

  24. That was so much fun and my brain really enjoyed the workout. Please do a festive round! I found it helpful to look at the pictures and ask myself what the photographer had been asked to capture, rather than what the photo was of, if that makes sense. Just don't ask me to take photos - no skill in that area whatsoever!

  25. Thanks for popping over to projectforty this morning - it was good to see you and I'm sorry I missed your picture/word game even though I'm rubbish at such things.

  26. Pothole? Dishcloth? How could I have been SO dense?!! Thank you for the brain workout and I'm looking forward to the festive round.

  27. 3 out of 10 which is a definite Fail but I did get Blackberry.
    Thanks Ali - I really enjoyed looking at the pictures!

  28. I think I got about half of them right and the others are totally obvious now that you've given us the answers! Let's hope it'll help me hone my skills for round 2.


  29. I am not even going to whisper my score, though I did of course get one right as I took one of the pair of photos! Great fun trying to guess and thank you for organising xx

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