Friday, November 9, 2018

Who is up for a festive Round three?

Honestly, how many years since we last had a bit of compound word fun? Is there anyone still out there? Fancy another round?

I'm thinking a festive one.

To kick off on December 1st

But time is tight - I need some photographers! Care to volunteer?

Drop me an email and I will send you a word - you simply need to take a photograph (or find one in your archives) to illustrate your word and send it to me. Once the photos are in, I'll combine them into diptychs and the guessing fun can begin for everybody in December!

Go on, you know you want to!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Round two - the answers

Time for the head scratching to end - here are the answers for round two.

Lots of people told me they found this round trickier than the last. I think, perhaps the photographers were a touch more oblique than the last round and there were a couple of diptychs which were clearly harder to solve than others.

Number 1

Beachcomb (I allowed beachcombing and beachcomber too).

A fairly straightforward one, which almost everybody got right - wavy hair, though not a compound word, was an entertaining alternative solution.

Number 2


I disallowed waterweed (which may have been a bit harsh) and wintergreen and rivercrossing were other incorrect guesses.

Number 3


Bit more variation in the answers for this one - alternative guesses included smokestack, firefly (good one!), meltdown, blueprint and waxwing.

Number 4


I loved this one - inspired industrial chic pictures! And most of the answers were correct.

Number 5


Almost everyone got this, apart from a couple of folks who guessed pepperpot, which is logical.

Number 6


This one caused quite a few problems. Lots of people plumped for letterbox and there was also a letterhead and cheeseboard.

Number 7


Wrong guesses included handrail (very good), inside out and tugboat.

Number 8


Everyone got this one!

Number 9


Almost all correct, with other inspired answers including spotcheck and metalwork.

Number 10


Oh this one caused SO many problems. Yup - it was a toughie. Wrong guesses - bright spark, pinup, pinwheel, headbanger (like that one), needlework, pinpoint and felt work.

So yes, perhaps a little tougher, but still one very clever person managed to get them all correct - Meg (who doesn't yet have a blog). Many congratulations! She clearly has an aptitude for these, because she was a winner in the last round too. Look out for a teeny treat in your post sometime soon, Meg.

And thank you again to all the photographers and to everyone who played along - hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Round Two Completed

If you have been playing along, you should now have a lovely list of ten compound words. Now is the moment to rope in any sentient human being in the vicinity of your screen to get them to help you if you still have the odd pesky blank in your list. I find a reward in the form of Easter chocolate often motivates deep thought.

Bet you're dying to know if you've solved them all. Here's what you need to do now.

  • Drop me an email at

  • Please make the subject line CWP - Round 2 answers

  • Include a list of ONE answer only for each diptych - no hedging your bets now!

I will let you know how many you got correct, but probably not until April 1st (sorry if the wait is agonising - I'm not in front of a computer until then).

The full list of answers will appear on the blog here on Tuesday April 2nd.

Thank you so much for joining in and good luck!

Number ten (round two)

So, the final hurdle is here. Not an easy one, but here it is:
Photos by Simone and Tess

So, all solved now then? Good. Hang tight and I'll let you know what to do with your answers next....

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Number nine (round two)

The Penultimate diptych - here goes:

 Photos by Ali and Stacey

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nimber eight (round two)

Your list of answers should be filling up nicely by now. Here's today's challenge:
Photos by Elizabeth and Julie

Just two more to go! Are you loving this or is it making you tear your hair out?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Number seven (round two)

Seven - lucky for some...

Photos by Sue and Jo

Would you like a solving tip? Try to guess just one photo and then randomly brainstorm any compound words using it. See if your potential answers can be made to fit with the other photo. Simples...