Monday, March 18, 2013

Number one (round 2)

So, it's Monday - are you ready to begin? Here is the first diptych:

Photos by Diana and Amanda

A fairly straightforward one to kick off with? Hope so.

Please remember to just note down your answer privately - don't mention it in the comment box (though feel free to trumpet your success or bemoan your failure there). You will hopefully have collected a complete set of ten answers by April 1st.

Full instructions about how to play are here.


  1. Ok, think I've cracked it.

  2. Okay... at least I think I've got this one!

  3. I think I have this one - but then last time I thought I had them and was a million miles away!

    Nikki x

  4. Good Lord, I've got it! I think I've got it! (Like "My Fair Lady")....but I am not saying in case there are any of those dirty cheats out there, loitering with intent....

  5. Oh God! For some reason I had April 1st as the kick off! Doh! That doesn't bode well does it? And just like last time, I'm stumped.


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