Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Round two - the answers

Time for the head scratching to end - here are the answers for round two.

Lots of people told me they found this round trickier than the last. I think, perhaps the photographers were a touch more oblique than the last round and there were a couple of diptychs which were clearly harder to solve than others.

Number 1

Beachcomb (I allowed beachcombing and beachcomber too).

A fairly straightforward one, which almost everybody got right - wavy hair, though not a compound word, was an entertaining alternative solution.

Number 2


I disallowed waterweed (which may have been a bit harsh) and wintergreen and rivercrossing were other incorrect guesses.

Number 3


Bit more variation in the answers for this one - alternative guesses included smokestack, firefly (good one!), meltdown, blueprint and waxwing.

Number 4


I loved this one - inspired industrial chic pictures! And most of the answers were correct.

Number 5


Almost everyone got this, apart from a couple of folks who guessed pepperpot, which is logical.

Number 6


This one caused quite a few problems. Lots of people plumped for letterbox and there was also a letterhead and cheeseboard.

Number 7


Wrong guesses included handrail (very good), inside out and tugboat.

Number 8


Everyone got this one!

Number 9


Almost all correct, with other inspired answers including spotcheck and metalwork.

Number 10


Oh this one caused SO many problems. Yup - it was a toughie. Wrong guesses - bright spark, pinup, pinwheel, headbanger (like that one), needlework, pinpoint and felt work.

So yes, perhaps a little tougher, but still one very clever person managed to get them all correct - Meg (who doesn't yet have a blog). Many congratulations! She clearly has an aptitude for these, because she was a winner in the last round too. Look out for a teeny treat in your post sometime soon, Meg.

And thank you again to all the photographers and to everyone who played along - hope you enjoyed yourselves.


  1. Ali, thank you for this. And well done Meg. I am kicking myself on the wrongness of gearshift...

  2. Thanks again Ali, and well done Meg!

    Argh, cross with myself about bluebird - that was my first guess but I changed my mind at the last minute. That's what you get for overthinking!

  3. great fun, thanks again!

  4. Well done Meg!

    Amazingly the one I got wrong (butterscotch, I thought it was letterbox) wasn't the one I thought I got wrong!!

    Thanks so much Ali I really enjoy a good quiz, hope it won't be too long until the next one! Still happy to send a photo. :)

    Vivienne x

  5. I knew I should have gone with pondweed.

    Thanks Ali, it was fun!

  6. oh it's a beach....... oh well. 7/10

  7. I was convinced smokestack was correct. Great fun Ali, thanks.

  8. Cripes, was that a beach?
    Pondweed was no problem.
    I could only come up with Fire-bird.
    Managed to get toothpick.
    Pepper I got but not mint - it looks blue on my screen.
    I got butterscotch eventually.
    Drawbridge was easy.
    As was honeymoon,
    but I couldn't get anything for the last two.

    Very well done Ali, thank you for taking the time to set it all up.

    Congratulations to Meg!

  9. I really enjoyed this - and 9 out of 10 is so much better than the 4 I managed last time! I just couldn't see bluebird though. And I thought headlight was wrong and it turned out right !

    thanks so much for setting this up, it is such good fun!

  10. Well done Meg!
    Bluebird. Of course. It's so obvious when you know!
    Thanks Ali!

  11. Meg is to be congratulated.
    My daughter thought it was headlight...but I could only think of bright spark..oops.(Only 8 out of 10 instead of 9)
    Had to consult the dictionary for peppermint!
    Took ages to get watermark whereas honeymoon was a breeze.
    I thought pondweed had to be wrong!
    I thought railbridge not drawbridge. Close.
    Thanks Ali for a very entertaining few days and the comments from guessers along the way made me laugh out loud. Such fun!

  12. Ahhhhh ! That was fun. Thanks Ali

  13. Perhaps Meg might host another for us while we're on a roll???

  14. I followed the project daily - and then forgot to send in my answers. I got 8/10 - waxwing and atop were my wrong answers. Thanks for the challenge.

  15. Congratulations Meg... well done. These were tricky this time round and I knew pinup was wrong, but lots of fun... thank you Ali!

  16. Well done Meg. You are a genius! I got most of them wrong although in fairness I just went with my gut instinct and didn't go back over my initial guesses (silly me)! I would never have got 'mint' as it looks turquoise on the monitor. I must try harder next time!!!

  17. Thank you for all your kind messages. I'm over the moon I got them all right although I nearly went with 'letterbox' too and some of the other alternative answers were very creative and plausible. 'Smokestack' is wonderful. Thank you Ali for a fun two weeks of brain exercise and also to all the photographers - I have zero aptitude in that department for sure!

  18. OhMyGosh! How did I miss the compound word postings? I need to subscribe to this blog instead of just your normal one. Another fabulous list of compound words -- you're SOOOO clever! And Duh! Why didn't I think if the color for mint? Very Good!!!!


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